I am naturally curious about people’s motivations and responses to all that life delivers and am always excited to journey with people as they explore and expand their opportunities and possibilities. I work intuitively as a coach to deliver insights that can both challenge and confirm understanding to accelerate personal change, whilst drawing.

on my organizational experience from a career in HR and O & MD in global organizations. My other passion is to dig into lives through the research and writing of biographies. Yes I‘m onto my second! Combining these two interests takes up most of my time, but I love to sail, ski, travel, and take in films, books, exhibitions and the theatre. I enjoy country walks and absolutely hate the fitness regime I am attempting to follow at the moment, due to the low base I am starting from and because it seriously conflicts with my love of chocolate.

I have over 20 years’ of senior HR experience, within organisations and latterly as a consultant and coach. I worked for businesses such as Selfridges, Quaker Oats, Glaxo, Diageo ,BBC and Reed Elsevier, and as a member of leadership teams my remit always included enhancing the talent base and orchestrating organisational change. I experience organisations as clusters of conversations and believe that the strength of relationships is a major contributor to business success. How people relate with and to themselves, expectations, situations, colleagues, teams and the goals of the organisation can block or encourage creative and productive energy. I am a member of the Diageo Leadership Performance Programme coaching faculty.

I have an MA in Management Learning , a BSC in Social Pyschology, am a certified psychomatrician (MBTI, Firo B, EQ) and MIPD.