My focus is on the people issues involved in achieving success in business. My aim is to help leaders build communication channels that inspire commitment and ownership. I also help leaders to improve engagement in collaborative problem solving. This work can be particularly useful in launching

project teams and bringing Joint Venture teams together.

I work with clients in a variety of ways: facilitating business or team meetings, mediating conflicts, coaching individuals or teams; running workshops, as required.

I have coached senior executives who have been leading their organisations through major change, making the transition to Director level leadership, recreating the identity and presence of their country’s site within their global organisations and throughout, needing to build cohesive executive teams.

Kinds of organisations include the service sector, manufacturing, IT, and financial organisations. Some examples of clients showing this range include, PWC, Standard Chartered Bank, IBM, Dell, Laing, Sir Robert MacAlpine, Markem Systems, Dept of Work and Pensions, James Paget NHS Trust.

I moved to business consultancy (coaching and facilitating) in 1989. Prior to consultancy, I worked as a Clinical Psychologist and completed my doctorate in Psychology at Magdalen College, Oxford.

The following quotes from clients will tell you something about me and the way I work. “Julie’s coaching sessions generate new insights…I now see situations and people’s reactions in a new light that enables me to generate better outcomes…she’s friendly, relaxing…sharp perceptive analysis…she’s a listener, a good facilitator, an empathic person and professionally highly competent…she’s got a way of getting you to acknowledge the ‘bad news’ as well as the good and to keep the whole process on a positive basis…with just the right amount of humour…I found the experience revealing, immensely rewarding and of great personal benefit, above all I would describe it as a ‘uniquely human’ one.”

I enjoy yoga, film, eating great food and holidays on secluded beaches lapping up the sun.