I gain enormous satisfaction in working with leaders who are truly receptive to developing their effectiveness and who are open to stepping out of their comfort zones, even if slowly! My coaching approach is based upon helping individuals to optimise their effectiveness through broadening their behavioural flexibility to match diverse situations and interpersonal challenges. This is often about seeking wider perspectives of who they are, in order to bring their deeper character, personal resources and talents to both their professional and personal lives.

I have worked as a consultant in the development of people for more than eighteen years and as an Executive Coach for the last eight of those. My earlier background was in search, sales and Sales Management working for the Thomson Organisation including The Times Newspaper and my curiosity about what made people successful beyond their functional expertise prompted me to move into the field of development.

I have a Masters degree in Human Resource Development and am trained in a wide range of development approaches and tools, including The Centaur model – a mind / body approach developed at Cranfield, numerous psychometric instruments (British Psychology Society level A and B) including California Psychological Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Firo B, Hogan, 16PF as well most of the emotional intelligence measurement instruments. I am also a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic programming and an accredited NLP Coach. I am a Member of the Association of Coaching, Affiliate of the BPS and Member of its Special Coaching Group.