Our Work

Our work consists of the bespoke application of leading edge psychological knowledge and expertise to leaders, teams and executives in organisations.

Our Platinum development programmes for teams and individuals offer robust processes that enable senior leaders and their teams to discover their unique talents and maximise their effectiveness, in order to bring about organisational change and development. We apply our extensive experience of the specific development needs of Boards and Executive teams, and our specialist expertise in the psychology of leadership to bespoke programmes and interventions for breakthrough results.

Drawing on an extensive repertoire of psychological methods, we select the most effective methods to suit the personalities and needs of the individuals and groups with whom we work. In delivering highly tailored programmes, we help our clients achieve higher levels of clarity and insight, leading to sustained improved performance.

Our expertise includes neuro leadership, emotional intelligence, psychological resilience, positive psychology, the depth psychology of character dynamics, as well as traditional psychometrics and 360 degree feedback.

We are constantly updating our skills, learning new techniques that are based on leading-edge research, and passing on the benefits to our clients.



There is nothing more magnetic than the unconflicted personality
Ernest Becker

Leaders today live their business lives in the eye of a storm. Their Herculean task is to assimilate, manage and develop information from global markets, economics, shareholders, suppliers, employees, peers, and bosses, and other stakeholders.

The capacity to contain, manage and leverage so many different elements effectively and engage the collective energy towards a demanding goal can be achieved with ease and grace: a state of flow. Or through struggle and at great cost to the leader’s psychological and emotional state. The more personally unconflicted a leader can be, the more time he/she operates with ease and grace, inspiring and engaging those around them by their own presence and demeanor.

Authentic leaders know, accept and apply their natural selves to business relationships, engaging and inspiring others. Their lack of internal conflict has a magnetic pull: others will trust, believe and follow a leader so at ease in their own skin. Along with highly attuned emotional intelligence and psychological resilience, the leaders of the future have the capacity to be their best selves, consistently.
In the face of incessant pressure, and, sometimes, failure, successful leaders can bounce back, re-frame and re-set direction and inspire others to renewed efforts. Commercial organisations cannot afford to under utilise the power of their leaders: their success depends on it.




Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself
Warren Bennis

The best leaders are those who are able to engage the hearts and minds of their followers. To really succeed, leaders cannot simply follow processes or imitate others. Instead, they must focus on discovering and nurturing their unique strengths and talents to develop their own natural leadership style. To do anything less is asking them to act a part – inhibiting the individual’s growth, limiting true self-confidence, and stifling the genuine relationships that must form for leaders to be trusted, engaging and effective.

The Platinum Programme is a proven, psychology-based transformational development experience that helps leaders to cultivate deep self-knowledge and awareness. The programme enables leaders to build a rich understanding of their natural leadership style, and develops their ability to bring about permanent change in themselves and others.

A tailored, personalised course for senior executives,the Platinum Programme provides an opportunity to explore and examine deeply held values, beliefs and motivational dynamics, for those currently in, or stepping into, leadership positions.



Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so special and so rare.
Patrick Lencioni

The Platinum Team Programme is a proven, psychology-based development experience that helps senior leadership teams to cultivate effective working practices and relationships, to optimise collective performance.

We employ behavioural and depth techniques to determine the underlying psychological dynamics of the team. With this insight we enable the group to detect the forces that maintain the status quo, and crucially to identify those that can be harnessed to create and accelerate positive change.

Alongisde new insights, we also equip the team with the new skills and techniques that will enable them to change their behaviour. The combination of new insights with the acquisition of new skills drives lasting change that persists beyond the life of the programme.

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Politics is when people choose their words and actions based on how they want others to react rather than based on what they really think.
Patrick Lencioni

We offer a bespoke service for the specific development needs of Main Boards, who face unique challenges from their position at the intersection of a variety of stakeholder groups. From this perspective, politics are inevitable, requiring intelligent and judicious management. Team dynamics, a key element of Board effectiveness, are challenged by infrequent meetings and a demanding workload. Our rapid immersion development sessions provoke breakthrough thinking to enhance effectiveness.

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