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Grand Shearman is a business psychology practice specialising in bespoke interventions for leaders and teams at senior levels of organisations.


Voula Grand

Voula Grand – Co-Founder

CPsychol AFBPsS BSc MA

voula Voula is a business psychologist, and leadership expert. She has worked as a team and leadership consultant, facilitator and coach for the last twenty-five years, gaining industry experience in all major sectors. Voula facilitates breakthrough development programmes for leaders and leadership teams. Her clients are typically highly valued executives and teams at the most senior levels of organisations.

As a chartered psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, she brings to her work a preference to explore the deeper dynamics that underlie performance. Her professional training has covered a wide range of human change technologies: psychodynamics, gestalt, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, psychological resilience, and narrative techniques. Voula is a qualified psychometrician, and an accredited trainer of the Penn Resiliency Programme, from the University of Pennsylvania. She is skilled at applying her acute understanding of energetic and emotional functioning and dynamics to her work: experience has demonstrated that this is always a new source of insight, with the capacity to unlock new energy and focus on future goals.

Voula was a contributing author to The Psychology Book published by DK in 2012, and nominated the Book of the Year by the British Psychological Society.

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Anne Shearman

Anne Shearman – Co-Founder

BA(Hons) MA

anne A lifelong interest in how people develop and how they can work effectively together links Anne’s experience in both public and private sector and self-employment; as a manager, business owner, and as both an internal and external consultant. Anne is a business psychologist whose work has focused on the capacity of senior individuals and groups to reach their potential, build community and take responsibility. Her current client list includes BG Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LloydsTSB, The Financial Services Authority and Estee Lauder amongst others.

Right now she is excited by some of the newest methods and ideas for working with the dynamics in an organization. She has coached individuals and teams for twenty years, but with increasing recognition that if an organization wants to change in sustainable ways, the whole system must be included, as individual and group behaviour are so strongly shaped by the system they are part of. She is using tools which offer an opportunity to help groups change in profound yet sustainable ways in a short period of time.

One recent project with directors and senior managers has combined work on system dynamics with emotional intelligence approaches, building a group who have the capacity and motivation to effect change in their systems. Another involved a conference for a large functional group with low morale and a changed leadership structure. Highly participative design methods and execution helped forge a renewed professional community leading to greatly increased communication and collaboration, and a palpable change in climate.

Anne has a Masters in Organisational Behaviour and a counselling diploma. She has trained in a range of techniques including Character Dynamics, Gestalt, NLP, emotional intelligence development, Large Group Interventions and Constellations work. She is licensed in a wide range of psychometric testing.

Prior to her twenty year commercial career Anne worked in education, latterly as a deputy head in a large London comprehensive school.

You are entering a volatile global economy, the most uncertain I have ever seen. This is a world that needs better leaders, with new skill sets. The playbook from the past won’t cut it today. My advice for you as you enter this world is to be flexible, be bold, and don’t fear criticism.

Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE

Speaking to MBA Graduates at New York University’s Stern School of Business

Established in 1991, our company has developed a reputation for innovative practice carried out to the highest professional standards.

Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience enable us to develop individuals, teams and organisations in ways that create new insights and lasting change. Our long-term relationships with our clients are a testament to our ability to add value.

As psychological facilitators, consultants and coaches our professional experience has resulted in a unique depth and breadth of knowledge of executive coaching and leadership development. Because we believe that individuals have within them the power to develop their full potential, we have pursued a particular interest and expertise in depth psychology to bring about transformational change in leaders who face the challenges of leading their businesses to a future where complexity and ambiguity are standard features.